Cancellation policy

Cancellation Policy

As per our Terms, here is a summary of the CakerHQ cancellation policy.


28 days or more before event dateFull refund less any non-refundable component
Between 27 days and 4 days before the event date50% deposit is kept by cake maker.  Any amount paid on top  of this deposit  is refunable.
3 days or less before the event dateNo refund of any amounts paid.

In order to be eligible for a refund as above, you must notify us before the cut-off date as specified above.  Notification is to be done via CakerHQ in the Your Orders section of your account.  Please contact us should you require assistance.



At any stage before the event dateFull refund to client

The above is a summary of our cancellation policy as per the Terms and Conditions but does not override our Terms and Conditions.  It is a representation only and you should refer to the terms and conditions for a full understanding of our cancellation policy.


Got a question?  Please contact us.