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CakerHQ launched in Australia in 2022 and is a platform to bring baking businesses and their customers together in one place.  Customers use CakerHQ to search for local bakers, reach out to them for quotes for their special events and book and pay for their chosen bake.  Bakers use CakerHQ to reach more customers and streamline the admin involved in communicating, quoting and taking payment from customers.


How We Help


Problem:  Trying to find a cake maker for your event used to be a frustrating affair.  Do you search the socials, Google, ask friends and then reach out to different cakers in different ways only to find they are booked out or don’t offer the type of cake you would like for your event?  Back to the square one!

Solution: Search for cakers that service your local area on CakerHQ that are available on the date of your event.  Have a look at their recent work and find your perfect cake maker match.  Contact them through CakerHQ or submit a request for a quote for your bake.  Book your bake by paying your deposit and balance directly through CakerHQ.



Problem: Spending hours on admin such as replying to messages (email, socials, text and phone), sending quotes, invoicing, collecting deposits, following up payments not to mention marketing too.

Solution: CakerHQ is your one-stop platform to assist with firstly finding the right customers and then having them contact you through one channel, and only about dates you are available and bakes you offer.  After you quote your bakes we’ll remind customers to get back to you in a timely manner and take deposits and payments on your behalf.  The team at CakerHQ even follows up late payments and enforces the cancellation policy if required.

Spending too much time dealing with admin when you'd rather be getting creative in the kitchen?  We can help!


The Special Offer

No obligation free two month trial of CakerHQ with every new business sign up.  After the trial period the cost of using CakerHQ is either $24.95 per month or $249.10 per year.  There's no coupon code required to access the two month trial.  The subscription free is the only cost to your business for using the CakerHQ platform.  There are no other expenses when you start taking orders with us.

CakerHQ subscription page

If you're ready to upgrade your business administration and spend more time getting creative in the kitchen, we could be a perfect match.  It only takes a few minutes to get your business active on CakerHQ.





Customers can contact you directly through CakerHQ by sending you a chat message.  Chats are saved for future reference and when the customer books a cake with you the chats are linked with their order for easy reference. 



Customers will complete a Request for Quote form detailing the bake they would like you to quote on.  You can then either submit your quote, decline to quote or contact them for further information.  You can elect to make a portion of the order non-refundable for items such as customised toppers or other items that need to be ordered especially for this bake.  You set the expiration date of your quote and we remind customers to respond in a timely manner.



A customer will accept your quote and on confirming the order pay their 50% deposit.  If the event is within the next 3 weeks they will pay in full.  Of course, they can choose to pay the full amount at the time of booking also.



Paid at the time the order is confirmed and is 50% of order value.  We take care of payments on your behalf and pay them to your chosen bank account.


Balance Payments

Paid 3 weeks before the event date to CakerHQ on your behalf.



We market our cake business partners on our socials as well as search marketing (Google etc.).


The bake order process through CakerHQ is really simple and user-friendly.

Cakerhq cake order flow process simple to order customised bake



We've put together a Quickstart Guide and Checklist to assist you in getting your business onto CakerHQ quickly and easily.

Download the quickstart checklist to get started on CakerHQ today.  List your cake business today with CakerHQ and save hours of time.


If I quote $200 for a cake how much will I receive in my bank once payment is received?

You’ll receive $200 in your bank.  We charge the customer an administration fee of 5% on top of your quoted amount.


When will I receive my funds for cake orders?

Funds are paid out by CakerHQ within 2 business days of the payments being received.  This includes all payments received on your behalf such as deposits, balance payments and payments made in full.


I’m proud of my reputation for providing great customer service, won’t this be lost if I move to a CakerHQ?

On the contrary, cakers with wonderful customer service skills will excel on CakerHQ.  You can still provide your clients with your awesome customer service and wonderful bakes they have become accustomed to whilst they (and you) benefit from a simplified ordering solutionYou’ll quickly build up a nice bank of happy customer reviews which will make your profile stand out when customers are looking for a baker in your area.  All that work you’ve put in to building up your business and customer base will only make you more successful on CakerHQ.


I’ve just started my baking business, is CakerHQ right for me?

If you’ve registered your business with your local council and have an ABN then CakerHQ is right for you.  In fact, you can use your CakerHQ profile page as your website and save time and costs in establishing a standalone site.  Link your CakerHQ profile to your socials and your online presence is complete.  We only accept registered businesses into CakerHQ to ensure the integrity of the platform.


Who pays for the running costs of CakerHQ?

We add a 5% administration fee on top of cake quotes that is payable by the customer.  We will resume our subscription fees to new cake business subscribers in 2024.




If you're not quite ready to get started today please let us know your email address below and we can add you to our mailing list.  We'll send you news and updates on CakerHQ as they occur as well as further details about how we can help you.


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