Non-Refundable Items In Quote

Non-Refundable Items In Quote

Published 01.06.2022

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When a quote is created in CakerHQ our bakers have the option of adding a non-refundable portion to each quotation.  The purpose of this non-refundable amount is to cover the costs of any items that are unique to your bake and need to be purchased by the cake maker.  These items often need to be ordered in advance to ensure they are delivered in time for the event.  These amounts are non-refundable when a client cancels an order.  As per our terms and conditions these are the only items that are to be included as non-refundable items.  The baker will enter a description in the quote detailing what the non-refundable amount is for. 

Acceptable uses for the non-refundable quote component are:

  • Customised tools such as stamps or cutters
  • Edible Icing Prints
  • Cake toppers
  • Other consumables not normally kept in the baker’s pantry such as specific colours, sprinkles or flavourings

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