Easter Bakes: A Selection of Cute Easter Bake Ideas


Easter Bakes: A Selection of Cute Easter Bake Ideas

Published 26.02.2024

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With Easter just around the corner, people start scouring the Internet, looking for recipes, ideas, and inspiration. The ancient tradition of baking delicious treats for Easter is perhaps one of the most lovely aspects of the holiday. Thus, over time, people invented dozens of Easter recipes, ranging from classic hot cross buns to adorable creations like bunny cookies, cupcakes, and more. So, in preparation for this wonderful holiday, we'll explore some cute Easter cake ideas, perfect for adding a touch of sweetness and fun to your festivities. 

Traditional Easter Bakes

Being one of the oldest holidays, celebrations of which first appeared in the 2nd century, Easter is always associated with the most popular, traditional treats. So, here are two Easter cake recipes if you’re opting for a conventional celebration.

Hot Cross Buns

Hot cross buns are a tasty traditional Easter dessert loved in the UK, Australia, New Zealand, India, South Africa, and other countries. These soft, sweet buns, marked with a special cross, have a long history. They're thought to have been first made by monks in England in the 14th century. The cross represents Jesus' crucifixion, making them popular during Easter.

Filled with juicy raisins or currants and flavoured with spices like cinnamon, they're delicious plain or toasted with butter. Some believe hanging a hot cross bun in the kitchen brings good luck.

The recipe itself isn’t quite complicated, and it doesn’t use hard-to-find ingredients. Hence, here’s a perfect Maggie Beer's Hot Cross Buns recipe.

Hot cross buns example

Simnel Cake

The Simnel cake is a classic Easter fruit cake enjoyed by many. Simnel cakes have been enjoyed since medieval times. Historical bread regulations indicate that they were initially boiled and then baked. A popular myth, dating back to at least 1745, tells the story of Simon and Nelly, a mythical couple who argued over preparing a Simnel cake. One preferred boiling, while the other insisted on baking. After a comical altercation involving household items, they reached a compromise, creating a cake that utilised both cooking techniques.

It's filled with layers of flavourful fruits and spices topped with either marzipan or icing. Traditionally, it's adorned with 11 marzipan balls symbolising the apostles, except for Judas. This delicious cake is a favourite among families during the Easter festivities.

Speaking of the creation process, this cake takes around an hour to cook. Additionally, the recipe is quite simple as well, making Simnel Cake a popular go-to treat for Easter celebrations. Hence, feel free to refer to the simple yet perfect Simnel cake recipe by Sunbeam.

Simnel cake example

Cute Easter Cupcakes

If you are planning to do something unconventional or traditional bakes seem boring, we’ve got the right answer for you! Cupcakes are brilliant treats that can be customised in thousands of ways to suit any occasion. Easter is no exception, and thus, here are two Easter baking ideas.

Easter Bunny Cupcakes

These days, cupcakes are, perhaps, the most popular type of treat. They aren’t difficult to create, and they are extremely flexible in terms of decoration, ingredients, and fillings. 

In this recipe, vanilla and white chocolate form the taste basis and are the main ingredients. Apparently, you can choose many other flavours, opting for fruity fillings or chocolate-only.  However, it is the decoration that makes cupcakes stand out. It is made of marshmallows and M&M Minis, which are combined together to create a rabbit’s face. 

Bunny cupcakes example

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Chick Cupcakes

These Chick Cupcakes are another wonderful Easter desserts idea. Same as with the previous one, you can opt for various cupcake flavours, as they simply form the base of the treat. In this recipe by My Kitchen Stories, they use a classic vanilla cupcake base because of its soft texture and rich taste. 

The emphasis, instead, is made on the stunning decoration. Thus, the author uses gel-based icing of various colours to assemble chicks' cute faces.

Chick cupcakes example

Delightful Easter Cookies

Moving on to Easter baked goods, let’s cover cookies, as they are known to be much easier to make. Yet, they are still very customisable, so don’t miss the opportunity to brighten up the holiday with these Easter-themed cookies.

Easter Egg Sugar Cookies

These sugar cookies styled as easter eggs are extremely easy to make. Easter egg sugar cookies are baked to perfection, boasting a golden brown and crisp exterior while remaining soft and tender inside. These delightful treats are adorned with charming patterns crafted from a royal icing made with meringue.

However, it’s the decoration that makes them memorable. In this recipe by Ahead of Thyme, you can freely experiment with ornaments, colours, and even forms. For instance, you can decorate one with polka dots and another one with lines, combining them into simple ornaments. As simple as that! After all, the more variety you offer, the better.

Easter egg cookies example

Carrot Patch Cookies

In case you are looking for a more intricate design, this recipe by Girl Versus Dough is just for you. As stated in the recipe, it may take about 2 hours to complete, yet the result is totally worth it. 

This recipe includes not only mere cookies but an entire dessert. It features little sugar cookies in the form of a carrot poking out of a chocolaty pudding. Accordingly, it is entirely up to you to opt for either the entire dessert or cookies only. 

Сarrot patch cookies example

Festive Easter Cakes

Now, let’s change the scale and talk about cakes. Yes, traditional bakes, cupcakes, and cookies are viable, but there may be cases where your clientele specifically needs a cake, an Easter-themed one. For such an occasion, here are two viable options.

Easter Basket Cake

This basket cake by Betty Crocker is made of chocolate, making it a go-to choice for any Easter celebration. Although the cake is quite big, offering 12 whole servings, it is comparatively easy to make and doesn’t require any intricate ingredients.  

When it comes to decoration, it is also simple but still stunning. In this recipe, the author uses colourful chocolate eggs, placing them on top of the shredded frosting. As a result, such decoration is perfect for Easter celebrations, conveying a spirit of the Holiday along with pleasure and joy.

Easter basket cake example

Bunny Butt Cake

This Bunny Butt Cake is a simple yet delightful Easter treat suitable for all ages. It adds a charming touch to any dessert table and, as the author states, is surprisingly simple to create! In this recipe by Liz on Sugar Geek Recipes, one-bowl vanilla cake makes the base of the treat, while buttercream and fondant are the main decoration ingredients.

Looking solely at the decoration, this cake evokes nostalgic Easter feelings from moms and grandmas into the spotlight with a modern twist. Although it involves quite complex decorating, the result, as you can see, is definitely worth it. However, there’s no shame in experimenting with decorations, colours, and even simplifying the creation.

Bunny butt cake example

Wrap up

Remember, Easter is around the corner. For cake makers, however, Easter is not only about celebration but also about a golden business opportunity. Hence, let the recipes we covered today, from traditional bakes to cookies, help you establish a proposition for this year’s Easter.

As always, feel free to experiment with Easter baking, adjust recipes to your liking, and offer your clients something unique. After all, it’s a one-of-a-kind business proposition that can make your business thrive all over Australia!

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Frequently Asked

Frequently Asked Questions

We are here to help you with most frequently questions.

Traditional Easter treats in Australia often include hot cross buns, which are spiced sweet buns marked with a cross on top. Additionally, chocolate bilbies, an alternative to the Easter bunny, are popular. Easter eggs, both chocolate and decorated, are also enjoyed across the country.

Consider starting with classic hot cross buns, which are relatively straightforward to make and perfect for Easter. Another easy option is Easter egg sugar cookies with different icing and festive designs.

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