What Exactly Is Included In A Custom Cake that Your Ordered on CakerHQ

What Exactly Is Included In A Custom Cake that Your Ordered on CakerHQ

Published 22.06.2022

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You’re interested in or have recently requested a custom cake quotation from one of the wonderful bakers on CakerHQ, that’s awesome!  Your bake will be in great hands.  It’s important to have realistic expectations in regards to exactly what goes into making a custom bake, there’s a lot more than just ingredients and cooking time.


Of course, there is the baking and decorating time that it takes to make your custom bake but there is also the time spent liaising with clients on their exact requirements, planning the bake, shopping and travel time.  Planning, baking and decorating a custom bake takes time a lot of time!  Each bake is unique to your requirements and hand made with a lot of care and attention to detail.


There are the ingredients that are used in your bake and these costs are dependent on the quality of goods being used as well as any special dietary or unique flavours for example.  There are also the costs of packaging and other consumables such as baking paper, cupcake cases etc.


The unseen but very real costs of running a baking business including the more obvious electricity, water and rent to the less obvious costs such as machine wear and tear, bakeware and baking accessories.


And of course you cannot discount the experience your baker has in creating custom bakes.  It takes a lot of training and practice to hone baking and decorating skills and the more experienced bakers will usually have a higher rate than someone just starting out in their baking business.


You can let your baker know upfront on your request for quote form if you have a set budget in mind and they will let you know if they can realistically create your bake within this budget.  If you don’t have a set budget in mind that’s OK too, your baker will still quote you for your desired bake.  Keep in mind everything that goes into making a custom bake and most importantly, enjoy your custom bake made by your baker.

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