Step-by-step Guide How to Order Cakes with CakerHQ Platform

Step-by-step Guide How to Order Cakes with CakerHQ Platform

Published 23.06.2022

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If you need a special dessert for your upcoming event then look no further than CakerHQ.  With CakerHQ you can search cake makers in your local area and reach out to them with a request for a quote.  We talk about booking a cake in the steps below but with CakerHQ you can book any type of custom dessert your heart desires. 


TIP: If you know you have an event coming up, check out the available cake makers now as some Cakers book out many months in advance.


Step 1: Search for Cake Makers in your local area

Have a look at different cake makers profiles that service your area (search for them here) and check out the photos of their previous cakes.  Do they make cakes in a style that you love? 


Step 2: Submit a Request for Quote to your chosen cake maker

Once you’ve narrowed down your search to the Cake Maker you’d love to work with send them a request for a quote by completing the form on their profile page.  The more details that you can provide to the cake maker the quicker they will be able to send you a quote for your cake. 


Do you have a certain theme in mind for your party or event?  How about certain colours that you would love the cake to be?  Be sure to enter as many details about the cake you would like in the request for quote form.  You can even attach photos of cakes you like to your quote request.  Please note that Cakers will not copy someone else’s work but can use these images as inspiration to make your perfect customised cake.


Step 3: Receive Your Quote

Cakers will respond to your request for quote with any questions or clarifications they might have.  Please respond to their questions as quickly as possible so they can move forward with your quote.  Once they have enough information (this is where a detailed request for quote submission helps!) they will send you a quote.  Please read our What Goes Into A Custom Bake guide for a better understanding of exactly what is included in your custom bake price. 


Step 4: Review & Accept Your Quote

Once you receive your quote you will need to accept the quote and pay your deposit to confirm your order or request further information from the Caker or decline the quote.  If you do not reply to the quote in a timely manner (within 5 days) the quote will automatically be declined and the Caker can book other clients in for that date.  It is very helpful to the Caker if you can give a reason when you decline their quote, however this is not mandatory.


Step 5: You’re All Set To Receive Your Cake

You’ll pay for the balance of your cake order 21 days before your event date and then your cake will be ready for you on event date.  All that’s left to do is enjoy your amazing custom cake!


At CakerHQ we make it simple for you to find and book a local cake maker for your next event.  With one set of rules for all cake bookings you know what to expect, and your payments are protected by the CakerHQ terms and conditions.


Got a question?  Check out our Help Centre or Contact Us.

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